Learning and Practicing Traditional Usui system of Reiki. By promoting your natural healing ability, you can maintain healthier body and mind.

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The difference between Western style Reiki and Usui system of Reiki


Do you know "Reiki has 2 styles"?

Yes, Reiki has 2 styles.
One is Western style, and the other one is Usui system of Reiki.
Usui is the last name of a man who discovered "Reiki; the energy of healing".


What is “Western Reiki“? What is “Usui system of Reiki“?

You may know the word "Reiki". However, you might be confused by Western Reiki and Usui System of Reiki. They are both Reiki energy healing which started from Mr. Mikao Usui. However, there are several big differences between them.

How the different Reiki types were developed

Originally, Reiki was discovered by a Japanese gentleman, Mikao Usui (8/15/1865-3/9/1926) in 1922.

After the discovery of Reiki, Mr.Usui decided to share and teach his gift to his students with important principles, which included a specific breathing technique, self-awareness and spiritual teaching. Reiki spread throughout Japan.

However, after the Second World War, Reiki was suppressed by the American military since it was considered as a religious act.

A woman in Hawaii - Hawayo Takata - who was trained by a student of Mr.Usui continued Reiki only as a hands-on healing Therapy.

Ms.Hawayo’s students have established their Reiki throughout the USA and Europe.
That is how Reiki therapy was established as the current Western Reiki Therapy.

Around the late 1980s, Reiki(western) was re-introduced to Japan from the USA and Europe.

The difference between Western Reiki and Usui System of Reiki

We are calling the Reiki which was re-introduced to Japan from the US and European countries as Western Reiki.
It was established by Mrs. Hawayo Takata and her students.
Western Reiki focuses more on the palm healing therapy.

The Usui system of Reiki was continued in Japan with more authentic and original teaching from Mr.Mikao Usui.
It focuses on both personal/spiritual development and the palm healing therapy.

“Ki(Energy)” and “Reiki”

Ki” is the energy that is flowing like blood in our bodies. We release the “ energy” from our palms.

As you know, “Energy” and “ sickness” have a connection.

In our current society, it is difficult to deal with the “Ki(energy)” and understand how we can circulate the good energy to our body and mind.

In fact, “Energy” is circulating by “Breathing”.

By proper breathing, we can energize both our mind and body.
It is very important for us to allow the flow of good energy because when we give Reiki energy to someone, the energy will get mixed up with the sender’s own energy.

Therefore, if the sender has a negative energy in them, the person who receives the Reiki energy will also receive the mixed negative energy.

As a result, the receiver might feel bad or the practioner themselves might be exhausted.

For those cases, learning and practicing accurate Usui system of Reiki helps the practioner to send a better healing energy.

Natural healing ability and Usui system of Reiki

By learning and practicing Usui system of Reiki diligently, we can attune ourselves to pure and natural Reiki energy. This will help to promote our innate natural healing abilities.

Reiki is not only for healing others, but also for healing ourselves.

Therefore, we have to make an active commitment to improve our purity for our mind and body.


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