Learning and Practicing Traditional Usui system of Reiki. By promoting your natural healing ability, you can maintain healthier body and mind.

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The effects from Reiki Healing


Are you wondering how effective the Reiki healing treatment is?

When you receive Reiki treatment, your body may feel warm and you can feel relaxed and sleepy.
Therefore, you may feel refreshed and re-charged your energy again.

When we consider our body as a positive and a negative electrode, we will attract positive energy when we are feeling positive and we will attract negative energy when we are feeling negative.

Even if you received full Reiki treatment and are charged with pure positive energy that time, if you are filled with negative thoughts and negative environment, the effect from Reiki treatment won’t last very long.

Therefore, it is very important for you to practice the followings :

  • Improving your own thoughts
  • Improving the environment which you are surrounded by

Just like other Eastern medicines, Reiki healing has a great effect to promote our own natural healing ability.

We can enhance the result of Reiki healing treatment by adding other treatment and also improving  your own thoughts and the environment you are in.


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