Learning and Practicing Traditional Usui system of Reiki. By promoting your natural healing ability, you can maintain healthier body and mind.

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< Learning and Practicing Traditional Usui system of Reiki. By promoting your natural healing ability, you can maintain healthier body and mind >

Traditional Usui system of Reiki

You are maybe checking this website right now because you are interested in Reiki or you have heard the word “Reiki” before somewhere.

Currently, there are many groups and individuals who are teaching “Reiki” in Japan.

Licht” is also one of the Reiki School.

However, there are a few major differences between “Lichit” and other individuals.
In order for you to learn the accurate information about Reiki, I would like you to know several important facts.

Re-introduced “Reiki”

There are many people who are learning and practicing Reiki healing (Palm healing) by using universal energy in the world.

The Reiki energy was originally discovered by Mr. Mikao Usui in Japan.

The palm healing treatment spread throughout Japan because there were not much western medicines that time.

However, after the Second World War, Reiki was completely suppressed by American military because it was considered as a religious act.

A few decades later, in 1980s, Reiki was re-introduced to Japan as Western style of Reiki.

As of now, this re-introduced Western style of Reiki has been the mainstream of Reiki therapy in Japan.

What is Reiki?

According to the data from the space observation, we are only able to see 5 % of energy in this entire universe.
This means this 5 % of energy is discovered and explained by science so far.  When we see ourselves as cells in a micro level, we can see us as particles. Particles are energy. Therefore, we are also included in this 5 % of explained energy.

However, we know that we co-exist with this 95 % of unknown energy.

Reiki is also included in this unknown energy.

Like Chinese Qi-gong( ki-kou), “Reiki” is also “Energy”.

You may know that the “energy” or “Ki” flows as the blood circulates in our bodies. Have you ever wondered about where the “energy” is originally created and where it comes from? Well, I would like to say I do know the answer, but we still don’t have the answer.

Although we still don’t know a lot about the energy, many people are acknowledged and familiar that the energy is affecting us in our daily lives somehow by such as prayers or affirmations (Kotodama). Those  prayers and affirmations are also included in the 95 % of mysterious unknown energy.

“Being conscious” and “subconscious mind”

Consciousness is also energy. It also gives an influence to the subconscious mind which is very powerful. Therefore, I it is very important to be conscious.

Only when you are "being aware" = "being conscious", you can change things around you.
This means when you are aware of your consciousness, you will change your energy. And by changing your energy, you can attract different kind of energy.

As compared to Western Reiki style, the traditional Usui system of Reiki (which has been taught by a small group in Japan) has several important teachings including the “5 principles” from the Reiki founder Mr. Usui.

I truly believe that without those important teachings from Mr. Usui (which were excluded from Western Reiki), it is difficult for us to achieve the true essence of genuine pure Reiki energy.

Therefore, at Licht it is our aim to teach authentic Usui system of Reiki not only as a tool to give a hands-on Reiki healing energy, but also as a way to live life for our self-growth and development.

If you are curious about traditional Usui system of Reiki or would like to feel Reiki energy by your own, please join us at Reiki experience class. I look forward to meeting you!

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